Jilin a pharmaceutical company customer case

With the development of mechanical automation technology, more and more labor is replaced by machine automation. The machine has accurate weighing accuracy, fast running speed, more convenience, and improved work efficiency.

Nowadays, more and more assembly lines are using mechanical automation. A few days ago, Jilin Sihuan Aokang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. purchased our checkweigher to check whether the weight of the drug meets the requirements. If it fails, it will be removed. . Our checkweighers have a variety of rejection methods, which can be selected according to different weighing products, and can also be customized according to requirements. Our technicians went to Jilin to install and debug the checkweigher for the company. The customer service is very satisfied with our service and said that we will continue to cooperate with us.

If you have any questions about the checkweigher, you can also contact our customer service or call us.