Checkweigher Metal Detector Combo

Checkweigher metal detector combo is an on-line testing equipment specially designed for automatic packaging line design. It can simultaneously achieve precise control of product weight and metal foreign object detection, and automatically remove unqualified and foreign-containing products from the production line; Space saving is the most effective solution for end detection and quality control of production lines.

Name Digital metal detector (size specifications can be customized according to requirements)
Model SG-JS220 Specification 4010
Detecting hole width 220mm Detecting hole height 100-200mm
Main material Made of stainless steel (304)
Detection sensitivity In the empty state:
High 100mm: iron Fe ≥ φ0.8mm, stainless steel SUS ≥ φ1.2mm
High 120mm: iron Fe≥φ1.0mm, stainless steel sus≥φ1.8mm
High 150mm: iron Fe≥φ1.2mm, stainless steel sus≥φ2.0mm
High 200mm: iron Fe≥φ1.5mm, stainless steel sus≥φ2.5mm
Effective detection of hole width 220 mm
Effective detection of hole height 100-200mm
Weighing range 5-1500g
Weighing accuracy ±0.2g (depending on the product)
Conveyor height 750mm (up and down adjustable 50mm)
Conveying capacity 10 kg / time Transfer direction From left to right
Conveyor maximum speed 25m/min Conveyor material food grade PU belt
Protection level IP65
Display and operation LED LCD flat button input
Power AC220V  
Alarm mode Metal detected, alarm, belt stop
Dimensions L2267XW589XH1500mm  (finally according to the design drawing

Checkweigher metal detector combo design advantages:

1. Lightweight structure, small footprint, convenient connection with production line, high detection sensitivity and convenient operation; can achieve more quality control with maximum production line space.

2, advanced technology, the application of the latest multi-frequency detection technology, material effect automatic elimination technology, automatic balance technology and adaptive adjustment technology to bring the industry's simplest operation, the best environmental adaptability and stability.

3, all stainless steel shock-absorbing structure design and production, to ensure long-term stability and service life.

4. It can record the detection parameters suitable for 100 different products, avoiding the detection error caused by the artificial difference and avoiding the downtime of the replacement product.

5, low-power design and full-sealing design and the structure of the equipment to ensure the protective effect of the electronic control part of the protection effect, to achieve IP65 protection level, more than 15 years of service life.