Aquatic Seafood Checkweigher

Aquatic seafood checkweigher, Shanghai Shigan factory direct aquatic seafood checkweighing scale, affordable, high quality, this checkweigher has multiple levels of choice, using high-precision sensors, accurate weighing, The sorting speed is fast, and the dry check weighing scale can select the sorting level according to the needs of the user, from single item elimination to multi-level sorting.

Type SG-D220
Weighing scope 10-1200g
Qestrictions of product L:200   W:150   H:3-200(mm)
Sharpness of Separation ±0.2g  Vision product
Seale Mark 0.1g
Belt speed 0-60m/min
Highest speed 100pcs/min
Belt Width 220mm
Deadweight of Machine 60+44Kg
Power Supply AC-110/220V±10%  50HZ
Power 100w
Main Material SU304 Stainless steel


Aquatic seafood checkweigher application:

The aquatic seafood checkweigher is mainly suitable for multi-stage sorting of marine products, livestock and poultry, aquatic products and agricultural and sideline products. Such as: shrimp: (crawfish, prawn, prawns, sword shrimp, pink shrimp, river shrimp, shrimp, prawns, shrimp, white shrimp, green shrimp, etc.); livestock and poultry: (duck legs, duck wings , duck claws, duck breasts, whole ducks and other foods related to duck freezing)