Food Industry Weight Checker

The food industry weight checker is usually used to check whether the weight of the packaged product is qualified. If it is not qualified, it will be automatically removed, and the qualified product will enter the next step of the assembly line. This checkweigher can also be used to detect hardware, medicine bottles and other products. 

Type SG-100
Weighing scope 2-300g
Qestrictions of product L:100   W:100   H:2-150(mm)
Sharpness of Separation ±0.05g  Visionproduct
Seale Mark 0.01g
Belt speed 0-80m/min
Highest speed 300pcs/min
Belt Width 100mm
Deadweight of Machine 60Kg
Power Supply AC-110/220V±10%  50HZ
Power 100w
Main Material SU304 Stainless steel

SG-100 model checkweigher picture:

Checkweigher delivery pictures: